Bazzaz QS4 Quick Shift


  • Full-power shifting
  • Simplifies upshifting process
  • Transforms any bike into a machine for racing
  • Exhilarating and fun acceleration
  • Crucial for competition; approximately .5 second decrease 1/4 mile drag race, 1-2 seconds per lap on road course
  • Get the hole shot and be at turn one first
  • Avoids having to ‘blip the throttle’ and unsettle the chassis
  • Extends the life of transmission; oil is kept in better condition with less clutch material residue

How it Works

  • Bazzaz quick shift units sense when the shift lever is activated
  • Ignition is cut for milliseconds at a time, imperceptibly fast, to allow shift
  • Ignition cut times adjustable individually for each gear for seamless shifting

Who needs it?

  • Anyone wanting the performance and feel of a race bike
  • All competitors

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