Bazzaz Z AFM

Quickly build custom fuel maps while riding. Collects data to adjust AFR for best performance for your specific bike.

  • Your model, year, exhaust, filter, fuel type, engine wear, modifications, temperature, pressure, humidity… Now you can easily tune for all your specifics.
  • The Z-AFM offers a revolutionary new level of fuel tuning by simply gathering data while riding and then processing the data into a custom-built, race-level fuel map.
  • Use technology. Not guesswork.

How it Works

  • Uses oxygen sensor mounted in the exhaust to determine air / fuel ratio (AFR)
  • Collects data while riding to adjust AFR for your specific bike
  • Plugs in with USB cord to retrieve and apply data in a few easy mouse clicks

Who needs it?

  • Competitive riders who want their bike perfectly tuned for any track, any fuel, any mods
  • Performance riders who want to keep their bike tuned simply for seasonal atmospheric and fuel changes
  • Tuners who want to make dyno use quick and easy

Note: Requires a wide-band O2 sensor bung (18mm diameter) in the exhaust’s head pipe. If you do not already have a wide band bung, you may purchase this with the Z-AFM

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