Bazzaz Z Fi TC

Traction is drive. Control rear wheel spin to optimize corner-exit drive.Proven results and championships in road racing and land speed racing


  • Faster corner exit with controlled tire spin and improved traction
  • Improves rider confidence on corner exit
  • Sensitivity is fully tunable by throttle position, RPM, and gear
  • Inference level tunable by throttle position
  • Improve forward momentum and decrease your lap times
  • Improve tire performance in adverse conditions
  • Integrated with fuel control and quick shift

How it Works:

  • First and only piggy back TC system that uses RPM data, not wheel speed sensors, to determine tire spin
  • Cuts ignition for milliseconds at a time to limit power to the rear wheel and maintain traction based on rider preferences
  • Combined with quick shift and fuel control

Who needs it?

  • Competitors looking for the highest level of performance electronics at an affordable price
  • Any rider looking to improve track times and advance in skill level with traction control
  • Competitors seeking faster lap times with better traction, quick shift, and fuel tuning
  • Competitors who need tunable TC in place of inflexible OEM system

Take it to the next level

  • Access the free Bazzaz Z-Mapper software to view and easily adjust fuel maps.
  • Load and save fuel maps that are downloaded, manually edited, created on a dyno, or made with the Z-AFM air / fuel self mapper.
  • Switch fuel maps or adjust traction control on the fly with the handlebar-mounted Traction control switch

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