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SHAD manufactures cases of various capacities and styles ranging from large motorcycles to scooters and maxi scooters. Common characteristics of all SHAD cases are the great quality of the materials used, increasing their guarantee and resistance, their high performance and their innovative aesthetics.

SHAD is a world leader in the manufacturing of OEM seats and cases for the world’s top motorcycle makers. Since its beginnings, SHAD has been committed to offer a high quality product, and as a result of consistent innovation and the continuous improvements, have resulted in a product line that you can depend on to carry your load securely.

All SHAD cases include a rack and screw set to mount the case on its fitting or directly onto the motorcycle. SHAD has various plates available that are common to a variety of cases and feature a wide range of top-quality top cases and panniers that fit most makes and models of motorcycles.


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About the 3P System – SHAD’S Exclusive Patented Fitting System that sets them apart from any other brand

One of SHAD’s most important innovations. The new 3P System side kit has been specifically created for this occasion, and while developing it, not only aesthetics were in mind. The key point to be considered was safety.

  • Integrated Design: The 3P kit is much better integrated with the bike. The typical rectangular frame is reduced to a single arm which supports the three points (3P) needed to fix the side case.
  • Position: Both the volume of the case and the angle of the 3P System have been designed to shift the luggage’s weight as much as possible towards the bike’s centre of gravity. This grants higher security and stability when driving with full load.
  • Aerodynamic: The use of 3 points confers firmness and flexibility at the same time. This is reflected on a slight swinging of the case, which lets the air to flow easily around it, avoiding the “anchor” effect of a typical flat and rigid case. Again, this results in better security and stability in motion.
  • Patented: The uniqueness and innovation of the new 3P System allowed us to proceed with the patent registration. This makes us the only manufacturer that can offer this kind of fitting system.

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