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The full systems are designed with nothing but power in mind. Our knowledgeable R&D technicians use their years of experience and expertise to make truly remarkable pipes. In addition, we have more pipe bending tooling than any company in the business, allowing us to create the best systems available − period. 

Slip ons are designed to utilize the stock OEM header. Depending on applications slip ons are available as a bolt on directly to the flange of the OE tail pipe, or with a Yoshimura tail pipe to mount the collector of the OE header.

Our list of innovations is long and growing, highlighting the fact that some companies are just discovering certain manufacturing techniques and technology we’ve been perfecting for 40 years, such as our duplex systems. Compare Yoshimura exhaust systems to the competition and you’ll see there’s simply no match for their quality and attention to detail, which gives you confidence that you’re going to get a perfect fit and outstanding performance.

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